Vantage Point: What Research Services are Clients Offered?

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Vantage Point

Vantage Point Advisor Network is focused on the development of an independent platform for financial advisors to grow their own wealth management firm. Frank LaRosa is the president of Vantage Point Advisor Network and, as such, is invested in its mission to provide a new perspective to financial advisors in the wealth management industry. Frank LaRosa and his team achieve this by conducting the proper research on the advisors current business practice, and matching it up to the most appropriate business solutions, to deliver superior advice and service.

The research that advisors have access to at Vantage Point is provided by a number of prestigious companies through Pershing and Saxony Securities. Argus provides advisors with independent equity research, Standard & Poor’s gives advisors useful investment-related research, and Morningstar Fund Analytics provides Vantage Point’s advisors with research related to open-end mutual funds. Pershing then consolidates the information from these research providers into NetExchange Pro 360, which is a program that helps integrate data in an accessible format and makes it easy for advisors to use on a daily basis. Learn more about Vantage Point Advisor Network and how it’s advisors use and access research at