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ELITE Recruiting & Consulting
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After 15 years in the financial services industry, Frank LaRosa is proficient not only at recognizing raw talent, but also at matching individual financial professionals with organizations at which they would flourish. Realizing that many professionals can best serve their clients independently, without the constraints of working for a single company, Mr. LaRosa founded Vantage Point Wealth Advisor Network to provide those professionals with a broad range of support services. Then, using the perspective of the hiring manager as his guide, Frank LaRosa founded ELITE Recruiting & Consulting in 2011. Through this firm, he sought to help high-quality financial professionals deal expertly with the challenges inherent in changing employers, from initial consultation, to helping them manage the transition while keeping the majority of their clients.

Financial professionals seeking jobs consult with ELITE, which then relies on contacts throughout the financial services industry to find the very best match for them, both in terms of products and service, as well as in terms of compensation. Acting as agent for job seekers, the firm helps them overcome one of the idiosyncrasies of the industry – the greater credibility assigned by hiring managers to candidates with representation. Because of its excellent contacts and contracts with firms across the country, ELITE is abreast of trends in the industry, as well as of developments within individual firms that could translate into more attractive hiring offers.

The process of changing employers can be a long and bewildering one, and too many candidates think their involvement in the process has ended once they leave the meeting with the potential new employer. ELITE coaches candidates not only in how to present themselves during the meeting, but also on critical post-meeting steps that can materially enhance their chances of success.


Frank Larosa: Recruiters Make Matching Employers and Employees Easier

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Frank Larosa has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry and currently serves as the president of ELITE Recruiting & Consulting, a company specializing in recruiting services in the financial field. Larosa has held leadership positions in some of the largest firms in the United States.

As the professional job market continues to improve, albeit slowly, the difficulty in finding candidates for higher-level positions may increase. This hardship also extends to individuals, who may not have the time or expertise to search for better opportunities. Recruiters, whether working for a company or the job seeker, have the time and ability to match employers and employees effectively, both in good economic times and bad.

Recruiters often focus on certain markets, meaning they may have specialized industry knowledge and contacts. This speeds up the process and allows them to vet opportunities and candidates better, based on desired criteria. The recruiter may also act as a buffer or intermediary, giving some space for employers and potential employees to better evaluate whether they are a good fit.

Frank Larosa: Determining Financial Firms’ Needs

There are specific things financial firms look at before hiring advisors. Frank Larosa uses his years of experience to negotiate the best deals between firms and business professionals. On Wall Street featured him as a Top Ten Manager, and he currently works for ELITE Recruiting & Consulting.

1. Work history and production top the list of things financial firms look for. They want to make sure their advisors are capable of pulling in business and that they don’t jump from job to job.

2. The Central Registration Depository (CRD) maintains employment and licensing histories for active advisors. Companies check with the CRD to make sure individuals are not lying about their work history, and they will also find out about past issues and complaints. Background checks are also commonly utilized.

3. Financial firms look at an advisor’s focus. They want to know how an individual works, how they market themselves, and how they work to grow their clientele.

On Wall Street Lists Financial Consultant Frank Larosa Among Top 10 Branch Managers

In March 2011, On Wall Street named Frank Larosa, President of Elite Recruiting & Consulting, as one of its 10 Top Branch Managers on its annual list of the industry’s finest executives. The top-10 list recognizes individuals who step up to meet customer needs during difficult economic periods, retain noteworthy clients, and otherwise demonstrate skilled business and financial acumen. On Wall Street chose Frank Larosa based on the expertise he has accumulated over his many decades of experience in finance. Mr. Larosa joined other award winners in May for an exclusive awards dinner hosted by On Wall Street.

As President of Elite Recruiting & Consulting, Frank Larosa leverages all of the skills and information he has gathered since starting in finance. Mr. Larosa’s duties at the company include spearheading new initiatives that facilitate the company’s primary objective: placement and consultation of financial professionals across the United States.

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